TO DO & WHEN 
                              TO DO IT...
6-8 weeks Prior To Move
  • Start collecting boxes & packing material
  • Contact movers and get several estimates. Make reservations if you plan to rent a moving truck.
  • Prepare an up-to date inventory by photographing all your valuable possessions, including antiques, electronics and furniture.

4-6 Weeks Prior To Move

  • Mail change of address cards (available at the post office) to friends, relatives, credit card companies, magazines, etc.
  • Research public & private schools in the area. Find out how to transfer school records.
  • Arrange to have physician's records and medical prescriptions transferred.
  • Order new phone directory for your new location.
  • Arrange for disconnection/connection of utilities and services.


2-3 Weeks Prior To Move
  • Organize important papers, including loan information and insurance documents for easy referral during and after the move.
  • Contact Department of Motor Vehicles for driver's license information.
  • Schedule a child sitter for moving day.

Last Week Prior To Move

  • Finalize all moving arrangements.
  • Pack an "essentials kit" of items you will need when you first arrive at your new home.

Moving-Out Day

  • Make a final inspection of your home to make sure you packed everything. Check closets, the attic, the basement, the shed and the garage.
  • Leave the keys, garage door openers, etc. with the landlord or the real estate agent.