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So many Realtors today have teams or groups. This can be a big disadvantage for a seller. Sometimes a seller will see their Realtor the day or night they list their home and then never see or talk to them again. Most Realtors with teams rely on their staff to communicate with seller, the problem with this is the seller usually has not met their staff and the staff has not had a chance to see what your home looks like, and if you run into typical problems you are dealing with a stranger! Other problems with a team occur when you run into a situation where you need to talk to your Realtor right away: Can they be reached? Are you going to have to talk to their staff and wait for a call back? Will they ever personally talk to you again? Some will, some won’t, but how will you know?

Michael's Commitment to Service

Michael Miller has a direct line of communication, you never deal with anybody except Michael. His phone number is his cell phone, when you call nine times out of ten he will answer. If he is with a client then he will not answer, so just leave a voice message on his cell phone and he will call you back within the hour. Michael will also set all appointments for showing your house, and will call with any feedback an agent might have given him. He will also call you on a weekly basis for a market up date and review up coming advertisements. 


Giving his clients quality service is what Michael is all about. He wants you to feel comfortable about selling your home. It is a big decision and he realizes that. Michael will always be there for his clients, always!


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